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Looking for Refurbished iPhones? Go NDBD.

No Difference, Big Difference. It's NDBD's motto. A contradiction? Well, not exactly. Because at NDBD, you get both when you buy our First Class Quality iPhones.

Let me explain.

Refurbished phones are literally the best thing since sliced bread. You get to buy your favorite phone models and brands at prices you won’t usually get even from clearance sales. That means, when you go refurbished, you can get a quality phone for a price that’ll easily save you hundreds, even thousands, of your well-earned bucks

That is, at least you should.

All too often, you get substandard quality when you buy refurbished phones online. Too many retailers promise pristine, good-as-new products, but deliver ones that are faulty, defective and downright dangerous, either because the parts used to refurbish the items are fakes or low-class substitutes, or because they don’t check the products enough for functionality and safety.

You’ll get none of that on NDBD. We sell First Class Quality iPhones that have been professionally refurbished by our Expert Reconditioners. Every product we deliver to our customers is thoroughly checked under our rigorous 38-Point Quality Control Checklist that’s designed to optimize your safety and your satisfaction when using the product.

On top of that, since we’re offering refurbished Apple products exclusively, you can be sure that we don’t mix and match parts from other models and brands, and that we use 100% Apple-original and product-specific parts when we refurbish your favorite iPhones. Some of our customers even mistook their products as brand-new.

And that’s how we make good on our promise: when you order an iPhone from NDBD, you’ll get a product that has No Difference from brand-new models in terms of quality, but feel a very Big Difference in terms of price. There’s no need to experiment or dare the possibilities. You simply can’t go wrong when you choose NDBD.

  • Mar 15, 2017
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