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Bone Collection Lightning Cap Marvel Edition Bundle

This bundle of Bone Collection Lightning USB Cap Marvel Edition will surely be a hit to all Avengers fans out there. Iron Man, Thor and Captain America inspired Anti-dust plug will surely protect your precious smarphones from dirt or any external factors. Since its washable, you can use it anywhere, anytime. Just like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, this bundle will definitely save your phone!

  • Silicon
  • Anti-dust plug
  • Innovative air bubble design protects against accidental impacts.
  • Washable silicone .
  • 100% Bio-degradable.
  • Compatible for iPhones
  • Cute / Cool figures that light up your Home Button
  • Eco-friendly silicon adopted on the button part and embodies the green design motto
  • Prevent debris from entering devices and help extend the useful life of devices
  • Delay the oxidation speed of socket and reduce the occurrence of defective contact